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I like cats, but I hate them eating mice

The Cat Project, a cartoon by Artmagenta
Kristina convincing a cat

Street Survey
If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be?

KRISTINA:  I love mice. Yes, I would like to be a mouse. The only problem I have with that is cats. Cats also love mice, but they eat them.

So I have a large project going on where I try convince all cats in the world not to eat mice anymore.

What is most important, your car or your car keys?

Don't forget your car keys, a cartoon by Artmagenta
Betty is very fond of her car

Street Survey
If you could take only 3 items onto an island with you, what would they be?

BETTY:  I have a friend who once got the same question and did some weird choices. She brought with her a box of wine bottles but forgot a corkscrew.

I won't make the same misstake!
I will bring a good book, my car and I certainly do not miss the car key.

The credit card can be the most important thing in life

Veronica looking for her credit cards, a caricature by ArtMagenta
Veronica looking for her most vital possession, the credit cards

Street Survey
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

VERONICA: The first thing I do? I reach for my purse and check that I haven't forgot my wallet and that all my credit cards are still there.

This is just my first check. I go to check my handbag at least once an hour throughout the day.

A terrible compulsion behavior - I know ...

How to broaden the mind of a goldfish

Goldfish. Cartoon by ArtMagenta
Ing-Marie coaching her goldfish
Street Survey
How do you train your pet?

ING-MARIE:  I love my little goldfish Billy. Ain't he cute?!

I bring him to the park every day and I show him what he should be afraid of and what is harmless. Cats eat fish so beware. Dogs are just curious, you can tease them and so on...

And after a completed lesson he gets a reward in the form of fish food.

Albeit important, street surveys can be importunate and unpleasant

Ylva is escaping the question. Caricature by Artmagenta.
Ylva is turning her back on us and
 is escaping our important question.

Street Survey
What makes you really really happy?

YLVA: When I get rid of you and your silly questions I'll be happier than ever!

Why some people have walking sticks as pets

Parrot verus talking sticks, cartoon by Artmagenta.
Esther is a bit tired of her talkative parrot Abraham

Street Survey
If you would have a new pet what would it be and what would you call it?

ESTHER:  A new pet? What a lovely idea. Then maybe you can take care of Abraham? Abraham is my talkative and loud parrot. If you do that , then I will buy myself a stick insect, a walking stick as a pet. Or maybe two. And they may be called anything - as long as they don't talk!

How to get up early in the mornings

Morning problems, sketch by Artmagenta
Emily dressed for job

Street Survey
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

EMILY: I am very tired in the mornings so therefore I have a good trick to get started. I'm leaving right out of bed on a jog.

One problem: When you're so tired, there are no guarantees of normal behavior. Two times I have forgotten to dress into jogging suit and have been running dressed in my nightgown. On the other hand it has been a very popular event for people in the morning rush.

He sipped on the same cup of coffee for five years

Coffee tastes good when it's raining, a cartoon by Artmagenta
Coffee tastes good when it's raining

Street Survey
You are a couple. How did you meet?

Nick: One day five years ago Nadja was waiting for the bus in pouring rain. She did not even have an umbrella. I passed her with my car, I stopped and offered to drive her home.

NADJA: I accepted and he drove me to my appartment. I offered him a cup of coffee.

Apparently he has not yet drunk that coffee. Five years later he is still here in my appartment, sipping on the coffee!

A scaring marriage

Fred an Pluto are now friends. Cartoon by Artmagenta.
Ellen, Freddy and Pluto
Street Survey
You are a couple. How did you meet?

ELLEN: Freddy is my brother's friend and he was terribly afraid of dogs. He was epecially afraid of my brother's dog Pluto.

One day two years ago, Pluto scared Freddy who then escaped by locking himself into the bathroom. There he sat five hours later when I got home to my brother. Freddy was crying with fear.

I saved Freddy, and Freddy was eternally grateful to me. So grateful that he proposed to me.

Freddy and Pluto are now friends. Freddy and I are married.

How donut sniffing dogs can help you from obesity problems

Donut sniffing dog. Cartoon by ArtMagenta
Marion training her dog Fido

Street Survey
Are you planning to start a diet?

MARION:  I am on a very special diet.
I love donuts and I think if could just stop eating them my obesity problems would be over. I'm training my dog to help me quit the donuts. Just like the drug police and customs have dogs that help them find drugs, I am now training Fido to find my donuts. And when he has found the donuts, he eats them which results in no donuts left for me! It's brilliant!

We've been training for two months now and Fido is making some progress, but still I find the donuts before him. Yummy!

A weekend with Jessica outperforms everything

A weekend with Jessica, caricature by ArtMagenta
Jessica's weekends are just something

Street Survey
What makes you really angry?

JESSICA: When my boyfriend calls and says that this weekend he has to work. Then I become holy pissed and ends the relationship immediately.
If a guy gets the idea that there is something that surpasses a weekend with me, then something is wrong.

To hell with him.

Special diets can give you nightmares

Diets an give you nightmares, a cartoon by Artmagenta.
Bea still feels like a rabbit

Street Survey
What is your most common dream?

BEA:  Every morning just before I wake up, I dream that I am a little rabbit that sits out on a field and eat vegetables. Suddenly comes a fox who catches me in his jaws, carry me home to his den where he barbecues me over an open fire.

I think I got this dream when I started my vegetable diet.

How to find your wife through an estate agent

Get a wife through an estate agent, a caricature by Artmagenta.
Meg and Cliff fell in love

Street Survey
You are a couple. How did you meet?

CLIFF:  I met Meg for the first time when I should buy a house. We both wanted to have the same house. In the bidding through real estate agent, I finally won.

Meg phoned me and said that I would not get the house so easily. It was her dream house and she had found it first!

MEG: So, I decided that the negotiations were not finished and simply moved into the house.

CLIFF: I discovered that despite her stuborn behavior, Meg was a charming girl. So I let her stay and a year later we got married. I got myself a new house an a new wife.

How to choose a car with love

Choosing a car, a cartoon by Artmagenta
Emma sitting in her car
Street Survey
What car do you drive, and why ?

EMMA:  I drive this small car. - What brand? I don't know, I call it Herb an Herb is red.
I did chose Herb for his beautiful red color and I really love him!

How long can a normal person sleep every night?

Bearded sleeping biker is a cartoon by Artmagenta
William needs a lot of sleep

Street Survey
Are you a night owl or an early bird?

WILLIAM:  Hmmm... Don't you have any other birds to choose from? Like a bird that goes to bed early AND wakes up very late in the mornings?

Hope never abandons man

Hope never abandons man, a caricature by Artmagenta

Street Survey
Are you a morning person or an evening person?

HEIDI: Every morning for the last ten years I have made myself a promise that from tomorrow I will be a morning person and get out of bed as soon as my alarm clock goes off.

I know I will succeed one day.

The constant courting makes ​​her suspicious

Wooing and courting is a cartoon by Artmagenta
Theo wooing Sara

Street Survey
You are a couple. How did you meet?

THEO:  We have been together for 20 years now and I woo Sarah every day like a rooster woos his hen. She gets her breakfast in bed, I drive her to work, I am phoning her every two hours, she receives flowers every Wednesday and Saturday ...

SARA: I'm still not sure he doesn't do so because of bad conscience.

Why is it so difficult to find a correct self image?

Starting a diet, a cartoon by Artmagenta.
Agnes is soooo fat.

Street Survey
Are you planning to start a diet?

AGNES:  All my friends go on slimming diets, there must be something wrong with me who doesn't. Perhaps am I fatter than I can see. Improper self image?

 Yes! Definitely! You are right! I have to start a diet now.

Who needs speed dating?

Speed dating, a cartoon by Artmagenta.
Going for a holiday together

Street Survey
You are a couple. How did you meet?

MONICA:  We met at a coffee shop. I was going to refill my coffee cup and collided with Henry. The coffee splashed, not Henry or me, but on another of the cafe guests. Henry and I helped the old man we splashed coffee on and we had such a good working relationship and felt almost like a couple.

HENRY: Monica has such beautiful eyes, I immediately fell in love with her and in the following conversation we really found each other.

MONICA: Five minutes later we had agreed on going for a holiday together. And that's it.

When we met? Ten minutes ago at this cafe ...

Sometimes you regret your question

No marriage is a cartoon by Artmagenta
Henry is embarrassed

Street Survey
You are a couple, how did you meet?

SOPHIA:  Henry, you and me met 16 years ago and you wanted to marry me...

I said yes, but you still haven't married me!!??