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Cars on wheels

Automobile by ArtMagentaThe oldest known use of the wheel is currently considered as the pottery's wheel around 3500 BC in the area around Mesopotamia. Wagon Wheels was also invented independently in China around 2500 BC. Also Incas and other western societies designed mechanisms alike wheels. We have found children's toys containing wheels as constructions, and these dates back to 1500 BC.
T Ford by ArtMagenta

Used in the sense of self-propelled land vehicles, cars has been around since the 1800s, but the car's breakthrough as a social phenomenon first came during the 1900s.

The first cars were too expensive and maintenance intensive for the car to be generally accepted. With the mass production on an assembly line that started in 1913 by the Model T,  the American Henry Ford made the car to everybody's heritage.
Car by ArtMgenta

Chevy Truck

Chevy Truck 54 is a car sketch by Artmagenta
54 Chevy Truck

General Motors' first major redesign post-World War II, the Advance Design series was billed as a bigger, stronger, and sleeker design. First available on Saturday June 28, 1947, these trucks were sold with various minor changes over the years until March 25, 1955, when the Task Force Series trucks replaced the aging Advance Design model. From 1947 until 1955, Chevrolet trucks were number one in sales in the United States.

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How to choose a car with love

Choosing a car, a cartoon by Artmagenta
Emma sitting in her car
Street Survey
What car do you drive, and why ?

EMMA:  I drive this small car. - What brand? I don't know, I call it Herb an Herb is red.
I did chose Herb for his beautiful red color and I really love him!

Volvo is Latin for "We roll"

Volvo PV 544 is a car sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Volvo PV544 1958
Volvo PVPV 444 was manufactured by Swedish carmaker Volvo from 1958 to 1965 and paved the way for Volvo as a successful carmaker. PV 444 was manufactured in a total of 196 005 vehicles. PV 544 is a modernized version of the Volvo PV 444 that were manufactured from 1958 to 1965. Volvo does not distinguish between the two models, but sees them as one and the same series.

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4 doors, 4 seats, 4 wheels and 4 horses

Renault 4L is a car sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
A Renault 4 from 1978
Renault 4Renault 4, also known as the 4L (pronounced "Quatrelle"), is a front wheel drive car from Renault, which was presented in 1961 and was built by the motto: 4 doors, 4 seats, 4 wheels and 4 horses (4CV, referring to tax-ps). Renault 4 was produced in just over 8.5 million copies until 1994. The last two years there was production in Slovenia after R4 was replaced by the Renault Twingo in France.

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A Ford Anglia from1948

Ford Anglia is a sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Ford Anglia 1948
Ford Anglia is a series of cars, manufactured by automaker Ford's British subsidiary between 1939 and 1967. This version is from 1948.

I love those standalone headlights on old cars.

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The old Morris Garages badge is now on a chinese car

MG TD 1953, Sports car sketch by ArtMagenta
MG TD 1953.

MG, Morris GaragesMG, Morris Garages, classic British sports car manufacturer, now part of the Chinese SAIC Motor.

William Richard Morris had sold cars in Oxford in his company Morris Garages before he started producing cars under his name 1913. He retained Morris Garages in private ownership and the company became a dealer of Morris cars in Oxford.

In 2007 MG was bought by Shanghai-based SAIC. The first MG car was produced and sold in China in late 2010.

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Alfred, a Volvo Amazon

The car Volvo Amazon. A car cartoon by ArtMagenta.
Volvo Amazon
I'm Alfred and I'm a Volvo Amazon. I was borned in Sweden 1961 and got my first owner family there, 2 adults and 4 kids! The gave me my name Alfred. I've kept that name throug the years.None of my new owners know about that name,but the name gave me my soul.

If you don't beleive that things can have a soul you should try to give some of your things a name. Take a chair, bike, your PC, anything. Give it a name. And voila the thing comes to live!

My current owner is a lone man in his late 60's with a true love for old cars. This love is my luck and why I'm still alive. Most of my sisters and brothers went to the graveyard years ago.

Have a nice life!


Volvo AmazonVolvo Amazon came in October 1961 in a two-door version and in a five-door version (hatchback) in February 1962. The man behind the design was Jan Wilsgaard, then only 23 years old. Safety awareness was high at Volvo, and the Amazon had already at the premiere brackets for seat belts as standard equipment.

The name Amazon was only used in the Nordic market since the name was occupied by the German motorcycle and moped manufacturer Kreidler. Outside the Nordic market the Amazon was known as Volvo 121/122S/123GT.

A total of 67,323 Amazon cars were produced.

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Fiat Mickey Mouse

Fiat topolino painted by ArtMagenta
Fiat Topolino
I'm Mickey, an Italian car from 1936.

A good thing about my design is that there is no room for backseat drivers. Just two front seats.

Writing makes me tired. I'm too old to have an intense communication and have to take a nap now. See you another time. Maybe in Itally.

Best regards

Fiat TopolinoFiat had already established itself as a successful small car manufacturer with models 509 and 508 Balilla, when in they1936 introduced their smallest model 500 Topolino. Nickname "Topolino" is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. The car was so small that it only held two seats.

With its mature properties and low price Topolino was a great success and was made in just over 110 000 cars.

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Motorcycle lifestyle

 This is Zindy and Zep. I can't proof it,but I think those names are nicknames.
Zindy and Zep lives for motor cycle biking. Every weekend and several days between weekends they bike to different motorcycle meeting places.
And there are a lot of those.
Even all over the world.

Painter on Wacom

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Car dealer

Car dealer is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Sofia, the car dealer

Sofia is the best car dealer in the world. At least that is what her boss says. Sofia sells twice as many cars as her best male colleague...
Car sketch by ArtMagenta
Have a look atWheels
Car consumer
Old beauty

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No 1 car consumer

Car consumer is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
No 1 car consumer

 Vera has had a drivers licens for 6 months and during that time crashed 5 cars. Her husband says this is the last car she will be driving this year. If she smashes it, she will have to take the bus.

Sketchbook on iPhone

Car sketch by ArtMagenta
Have a look atWheels
Car Dealer
Old beauty

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Car cartoon

Car cartoon by ArtMagenta

Never forget to impress your siblings

Leena takes her two older sisters on a drive in her brand new Porsche.
A car that she got as a wedding present by her parents in-law.
It's Leena in the spotted dress

Porsche car by ArtMagenta

Formula 1

Formula 1

This image was a tribute to Magnus, a F1 fan, on his 40th birthday.

Formula One, also known as Formula 1 or F1 and referred to officially as the FIA Formula One World Championship,[2] is the highest class of single-seater auto racing... WIKIPEDIA

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