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Handball dilemma

Girl playing handball is a cartoon by Artmagenta
Kids playing handball
 If I throw on the goal and miss scoring, I get yelled at because I did not pass the ball to my teammates.

And if I pass the ball to my teammates, I get yelled at because I did not shoot direct at the goal, trying to score.

I think I'll let go of the ball and go to the bathroom...

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Roller skating is fun

Roller skating by

From the 1860s roller skates usually had wheels in pairs next to each other under the sole. The wheel sets were constructed so that they turned when the skate tilted, like with a skateboard.

Braking was done by means of rubber pads in front and /or behind the wheels.

Roller skating by

In the 1980s, roller skates with all wheels in line, so-called inline skates was developed, which made the use nearly replicating the usual ice skating  technology.
Roller skating by

Roller skating by

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Sporting women

Women sport. Illustration by ArtMagenta
Sporting women

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Cliff hanger

There are many styles of rock climbing such as Traditional climbing, Sports climbing, Boulding, Free style, Indoor climbing etc.

Free soloing is single-person climbing without the use of any rope or protection system whatsoever.

Catherine is fond of Deep Water Soloing - Similar to free soloing in that the climber is unprotected and without a rope, but different in that if the climber falls, it is into deep water instead of on to the ground - you might survive!

Painter on Wacom. Text ref. fromWikipedia

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Get yourself a sandy foot massage

A sandy foot massage is a sketch by Artmagenta
Runing in the sand
Kerstin jogs every day. She runs four kilometers on a sandy beach. Barefoot.

- There is no foot massage in the world that can compete with this. And it does not matter if it's dry or wet, it just gives different kinds of massage. You really must try this!

Painter on Wacom

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Golf woman

A Golf Woman is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Laura is considered the most accomplished English female golfer of modern times. Laura's talent is natural and her great power comes with little practice. No practice rounds and yet she wins  the tournaments. Also her readiness to take  risks makes her a difficult competitor.

Laura has always had an interest in gambling being a former bookmaker's assistant and her interest has led to her becoming a racehorse owner.

Sketchbook on iPhone

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The football defender that is a wall

Soccer football defender by ArtMagenta

Alfred is a burly football defender. There is no point for a forward to try to dribble. Alfred does not let anyone pass.

A beautiful equipage

Malin started to ride at the age of six and went on to be a very accomplished show jumper. She is a popular rider, and, together with her horse, a beautiful equipage.

Painter on Wacom

Lady Gaga and horses makes the world

This is Karin, she is 16 and has two interest in life: Lady Gaga and horses.

She rides three days a week and the other days, she gives a helping hand at the horse stable.

For the most part, she has headphones on, listening to Lady Gaga.


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Never pick up what you once have thrown

Throwing things is a sketch by Artmagenta

Ingrid has always been fond of running, jogging. Three times a week she is running for 45 minutes. It's like a drug, she has to do it to feel good. But now she has refined her training. She is using an old tire. Throws it as far away as she can, and then runs as fast as she can to again pick up the tire and throw it away and run...

Throw away your heavy burdens

This is an amazing story about Ingrid and what she carries.
What does she carry?  I will leave the question open until next posting an let you have guess. Like:

- Ingrid bought a little house in the country. There's no water in the house. She has to carry water from the well in a bucket. Two times a day. Day after day. Year after year...


Ingrid and her boyfriend had a fight and now Ingrid is moving out of their flat. She has packed all her things in three big suitcases an is moving home to her mother.


- You will see the real amazing story in a future post on this site.

Wow, what a cliff-hanger!

Painter on Wacom

Can you run faster in shoes or barefooted?

Barefooted is a sketch by ArtmagentaVeronica loves running. When she was younger she was a sprinter and ran 100 meters in 12 secs. That's pretty good, not elite but close. Today she is still training every day  and she has got a contract with a shoe company for testing sprinter shoes.
- Good shoes make you run faster, says Veronica.

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Football is a game for everyone - even for girls

Football is a drawing by illustrator ArtmagentaMatilda loves to play football. But the boys don't think that football is a game for girls,  so Matilda and her friends in the football team challenged the guys at a match. The girls dressed up in dresses and aprons.
And they beat the boys with two goals against one.

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A stressful life makes you feel good

Feel good is a sketch by illustrator ArtmagentaSiw is a very occupied woman. Besides her 8-hour work a day she takes lessons in Spanish, she works out at the gym, she has yoga lessons, she has a jogging pass every morning, she has cafe latte meetings with her girlfriends after work, she is dating some handsome man and shee is making calls to her parents.
"These are things you have to do to have good life", she says to her  shrink on their weekly scheduled meeting....

How she finally found her training partner

A  training partner is a sketch by illustrator ArtmagentaLena is a devoted jogger and Lena's mobile phone is for her like a swiss armyknife. It is a stopwatch, a pedometer, a musicdevice, a wayfinder. And she can even talk to her friends while  jogging. A magnificent tool.

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The runner

The Runner is a sketch by Artmagenta-

Skiing in midsummer

Skiing is a sketch by Artmagenta Ingrid loves skiing in the summer. Not watersskiing but going downhill on snow! Yoy can do that by skiing on glaciers. Ingrids favorite place is the Kaprun glacier in Austria.

Viviann goes for marathon

Marathon is a sketch by Artmagenta-Triathlon was much too much. It's time to slow down. A marathon now and then will be enough.

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Football championship

 The world football championship has started in South Africa where Argentina is a probable finalist. And so is Germany, Spain, Italy, France......

Time will tell.