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Portrait sketch

Portrait sketch By ulf Artmagenta


Sorry but this is all that remains of my breakfast bun

Everyday sketch from
A disappointed duckling

Handball dilemma

Girl playing handball is a cartoon by Artmagenta
Kids playing handball
 If I throw on the goal and miss scoring, I get yelled at because I did not pass the ball to my teammates.

And if I pass the ball to my teammates, I get yelled at because I did not shoot direct at the goal, trying to score.

I think I'll let go of the ball and go to the bathroom...

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The apple never falls far from the tree

Washing like Mom

Cooking like Dad

Cleaning like Mom

Carpenter like Dad

Parents are always examples for their children. Good or bad. Thelma is currently working hard on four projects to live up to that statement.

Hug a balloon until it bursts

Balloons is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta Matilda loves to play with balloons. Hug a balloon, squeeze it and suddenly it bursts  in a frightening explosion.

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Thelma meets a pheasant

Pheasant by

- Hi, did you sleep well last night?

My teddy bear

Tedy Bear by
Most of us have a strong memory of our first teddy bear, or it may be a rag doll.

This is my teddy bear.

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Matilda falls into a rabbit hole every night

Matilda wonders what happens when she is sleeping. 
Grandma explains "falling asleep": 
- It's just like the story "Alice in Wonderland" where Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world. Same thing happens to you every night!

Since then Matilda doesn't want to go to sleep anymore. Ever.

Painter on Wacom

Amanda and the frog prince

Princess kissing frogs drawing by ArtMagenta
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Amanda has come to grips with the frog. If she can get it to kiss her it will transform to a beatiful prince. And then the prince will marry her and they will live happy ever after...

Sketchbook on iPhone

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Anthropomorphic snow sculpture

- It looks like mom and dad powdered with some snow!

Santa is coming to town


Meeting Santa Claus in person can really be a horror session. He is not just a beauty in his bushy white beard, the big red hat and the big heavy boots. Moreover, he is old and wrinkled and has a voice that sounds petulant, has sweeping gestures ...

- Hmm, but if he comes with many christmas gifts, he is after all the cutest person in the world!


Trick-or-treating is a cartoon by illustrator Artmagenta
You must look fearsome and dangerous so people choose treat instead of trick.

Football is a game for everyone - even for girls

Football is a drawing by illustrator ArtmagentaMatilda loves to play football. But the boys don't think that football is a game for girls,  so Matilda and her friends in the football team challenged the guys at a match. The girls dressed up in dresses and aprons.
And they beat the boys with two goals against one.

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