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Sorry but this is all that remains of my breakfast bun

Everyday sketch from
A disappointed duckling

How to tickle the ivories

Playing the piano is a sketch by Artmagenta
Karin at the piano,
tickling the ivories
Karin's grandma could tickle the ivories like a professional.
Karin is parctising on the piano every day to get as good as her grandma was.

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Handball dilemma

Girl playing handball is a cartoon by Artmagenta
Kids playing handball
 If I throw on the goal and miss scoring, I get yelled at because I did not pass the ball to my teammates.

And if I pass the ball to my teammates, I get yelled at because I did not shoot direct at the goal, trying to score.

I think I'll let go of the ball and go to the bathroom...

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A very daring neckline

A  daring neckline is a sketch by Artmagenta
Veronica in her daring neckline

There was a big party at Greg's. Veronica was there in a brand new, cornflower blue dress.

And that dress had a very daring neckline - on her back.

Did she really know how she looked from the back? I don't think so, and nobody dared to ask her...

Painter on Wacom

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Anna and the monster snake

Anaconda and belly dancer

Anna wanted to be a belly dancer but she had no talent and her teacher who was very tactful said:
- Anna, to be succesful you need a gimmick.

And the teacher offered Anna to buy a snake. An anaconda, the biggest of them all!
So now Anna is making great success when dancing with her monster snake.

Painter on Wacom

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A dedicated photographer

The Photographer is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
The enthusiastic photographer
Amanda is a renowned freelance photographer. Her best works are among her portraits and fashion photos. Amanda says that portrait and fashion goes together; the way you dress reveals a part of your personality and it  really is a part of your body language.

Sketchbook on iPhone

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Women, women, women

A gallery of women caricature portraits by ArtMagenta
All these ladies have names: Lisa, Esther, Eva, Kate, Jenny, Helen....
And even more, they have got a life and have something from that life to share with you. A little story, an opinion or just an attitude.

I love doing those caricature portraits. It's people I meet in the street, restaurants, station, on the train or in shopping malls. Some of them I know but most of them are anonymous to me. I give them a name and suddenly they come to live in my fantasy and they tell me things from their lives. And that is what I want to communicate to you in this blog.

Getting enough energy can be a problem

Low energy girl is a caricature by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Anita is exhausted today
Street Survey is a caricature by artist and illustrator Artmagenta 
Would you describe yourself as lazy or hardworking?

ANITA:     I do not think I have enough energy today to give you an answer to that question. Please ask someone else.

Waiting for a call from the Nobel Prize Committee

The Nobel Prize is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Waiting for the Nobel Prize
Gosta has borrowed a tuxedo from his grandpa and is dreaming of getting the Nobel prize.

In which field? Well, that will come to him soon and after that the rest will be just a piece of cake.

Sketchbook on iPhone

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Killing time at the railway station

Train delay by ArtMagenta
Maria and her brother Peter were going to visit their grandparents over the weekend, but the train was very late. Maria had looked forward to the visit and was sad about all the lost time.

But brother Peter had no problem with HIS waiting time:
Pastime at the railway station by ArtMagenta

Gesture DrawingsThese gesture drawings are created on an iPhone. You can see more gesture drawings on the Gesture Drawing blog by ArtMagenta.

Alice is obsessed with shoes

Shoes by ArtMagenta
Most women love shoes and buys far more shoes than they actually use. For Alice, it has become an obsession and she spends hours each day in the shoe shop

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Hot dogs are cool

Hot dog by ArtMagenta

Sofia is so fond of hot dogs that she has to eat at least two hot dogs every day. Meanwhile, she is so ashamed that she has to sneak away where nobody can see her when she feasts on those hotdogs.

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Photographers in action

Photographers in action by ArtMagenta
Photographers in action

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Roller skating is fun

Roller skating by

From the 1860s roller skates usually had wheels in pairs next to each other under the sole. The wheel sets were constructed so that they turned when the skate tilted, like with a skateboard.

Braking was done by means of rubber pads in front and /or behind the wheels.

Roller skating by

In the 1980s, roller skates with all wheels in line, so-called inline skates was developed, which made the use nearly replicating the usual ice skating  technology.
Roller skating by

Roller skating by

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Sporting women

Women sport. Illustration by ArtMagenta
Sporting women

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Sleepwalking in the nude is on the increase

Everyday sketch from
Greta is a sleepwalker and has been for several years. But a few nights ago, her husband Frank discovered Greta when she walked around naked in the garden.
It seems this is not an unusual behavior...

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Mary in a polka dot bikini

Po├Âla Dot Bikini  is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Polka dot dress
 -This should have been Mary in a polka dot bikini, but Mary is a bit shy. I'm sure though, that she has got the bikini under her polka dot dress.

Sketchbook on iPhone

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