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Coffee at Triangeln, Malmö [people]


[portrait doodle]



Portrait sketch

Portrait sketch

Portrait sketch by Ulf Artmagenta

Portrait Sketch

Portrait Sketch by Ulf Artmagenta

Portrait sketch

Portrait sketch By Ulf Artmagenta

Portrait sketch, charcoal

portrait by Artmagenta

Portrait sketch

Portrait by Artmagenta

Portraits: Women, women, women

A gallery of women caricature portraits by Ulf ArtMagenta

Wifi connected

Wifi connected by Artmagena


Doodle by Artmagenta

Sorry but this is all that remains of my breakfast bun

Everyday sketch from
A disappointed duckling

How to tickle the ivories

Playing the piano is a sketch by Artmagenta
Karin at the piano,
tickling the ivories
Karin's grandma could tickle the ivories like a professional.
Karin is parctising on the piano every day to get as good as her grandma was.

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Handball dilemma

Girl playing handball is a cartoon by Artmagenta
Kids playing handball
 If I throw on the goal and miss scoring, I get yelled at because I did not pass the ball to my teammates.

And if I pass the ball to my teammates, I get yelled at because I did not shoot direct at the goal, trying to score.

I think I'll let go of the ball and go to the bathroom...

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A very daring neckline

A  daring neckline is a sketch by Artmagenta
Veronica in her daring neckline

There was a big party at Greg's. Veronica was there in a brand new, cornflower blue dress.

And that dress had a very daring neckline - on her back.

Did she really know how she looked from the back? I don't think so, and nobody dared to ask her...

Painter on Wacom

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Anna and the monster snake

Anaconda and belly dancer

Anna wanted to be a belly dancer but she had no talent and her teacher who was very tactful said:
- Anna, to be succesful you need a gimmick.

And the teacher offered Anna to buy a snake. An anaconda, the biggest of them all!
So now Anna is making great success when dancing with her monster snake.

Painter on Wacom

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A dedicated photographer

The Photographer is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
The enthusiastic photographer