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Γ–stra promenaden, Trelleborg [usk]


MalmΓΆ skyline [usk]

Getting wet feet in the harbour of Port Isaac, 😜 VirtualTravelSketch

Strolling around in Port Isaac, North Cornwall, and of course sketching 😜 #VirtualTravelSketch

View of Port Isaac, North Cornwall. 😜 VirtualTravelSketch [landscape cityscape]

Resting my legs at Queen’s Square in Sidney 😜 VirtualTravelSketch

A wonderful day sketching at Bondi beach. 😜 [VirtualTravelSketch]

Place du Tertre Saint-Laurent, Angers, France. 😜 VirtualTravelSketch

Sketching in Johannesburg. The skyline seen from Yeoville. 😜 VirtualTravel

Sketching just outside the Town Hall in Maastricht. 😜 VirtualTravelSketch

Sketchwalk in Maastricht, the Netherlands. 😜 VirtualTravel

A classic tourist spot sketched this afternoon in Berlin 😜 VirtualTravelSketch — Brandenburger Tor.

Still in Quebec 😜 VirtualTravel — i Canada

Quebec is the goal of todays sketchwalk and first out is Terasse Dufferin. 😜 VirtualTravel — in Canada

From a sketchwalk in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. 😜 VirtualTravellSketch

Urban sketch

The church Santo Domingo, Puebla, and in the background the enormouse and threatening vulcano. Popocatepetl. Mexico. 😜 VirtualTravel

Sketching at Brisbane City Hall. 😜 VirtualTravelSketch