Dripping water taps drives me crazy

Caricature by ArtMagenta
Street Survey
What makes you really angry?

SEAN: Water is a valuable resource and when people do not turn off taps tightly but leave them to drop, then I get thoroughly pissed off.

Women, women, women

A gallery of women caricature portraits by ArtMagenta
All these ladies have names: Lisa, Esther, Eva, Kate, Jenny, Helen....
And even more, they have got a life and have something from that life to share with you. A little story, an opinion or just an attitude.

I love doing those caricature portraits. It's people I meet in the street, restaurants, station, on the train or in shopping malls. Some of them I know but most of them are anonymous to me. I give them a name and suddenly they come to live in my fantasy and they tell me things from their lives. And that is what I want to communicate to you in this blog.

Pilots fall asleep during flight

Sleeping pilots is a cartoon by digital artist and illustrator Artmagenta
A survey shows that pilots often fall asleep during flight

Street Survey
Are you a night owl or an early bird?

HENRY: That is a diffucult question for us pilots. I would say, that is more a question of altitudes.

When the plane is more than 25,000 feet above sea level I always fall asleep, but once we go below 25,000 feet I automatically wake up. The sleep / wakeup altitude can vary from pilot to pilot.

And I can guarantee that it is absolutely safe. There's no way that I accidently can access any of the instruments during my sleep.

The feeling of admiration is my driving force

Street Survey
What profession would you choose today if you could choose freely?

MARION: I would like to be an airline captain.

Not that I like to fly, but for the feeling of admiration every time when you get into the cockpit in front of all the passengers

Harry was 21 and I guess his car was the same age

Caricature by ArtMagenta.com

Street Survey
You are a couple. How did you meet?

CHRISTINA: Harry had the most beautifull car of all the boys a knew. Harry was 21 and I guess the car was the same age. But what a beauty!

HARRY: I always thought that I was the beauty...

I roll up my sleeves and hit him hard

Portrait caricature by ArtMgenta
Street Survey
What makes you really angry?

BRITT: My ex-boyfriend left me for my best friend, if Mike, my new boyfriend, even looks at another girl then I will roll upp my sleeves and knock him in his head!

He danced into my life and has never since danced out.

Cartoon by ArtMagenta

Street Survey
You are a couple. How did you meet?

MELANIE:   Anthony is a ballet dancer and he is always dancing. One day he danced into my life and he has never since danced out.