The lake house that turned out to be a snake house

Linda was looking for a summer house in the countryside. In my opinion, this was the best house. Picturesque, far out in the countryside, yet close to other people.

This house was very picturesque but a little too lonely for my liking.

Finally Linda fell for this little cottage right on the shore of a lake.

The cottage was bought.

The cottage was furnished.

The cottage should be inaugurated with a weekend living.

On Saturday morning we discovered that the plot was full of vipers. Even indoors, we found a snake.

Linda never returned to that cottage...

Crowded crossingpoint makes car drivers goto sleep

Malmö Centralstation
MALMÖ. Sometimes the crossing point is crowded, even when there is a red stop light for the pedestrians.

Poor car drivers!

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The old Morris Garages badge is now on a chinese car

MG TD 1953, Sports car sketch by ArtMagenta
MG TD 1953.

MG, Morris GaragesMG, Morris Garages, classic British sports car manufacturer, now part of the Chinese SAIC Motor.

William Richard Morris had sold cars in Oxford in his company Morris Garages before he started producing cars under his name 1913. He retained Morris Garages in private ownership and the company became a dealer of Morris cars in Oxford.

In 2007 MG was bought by Shanghai-based SAIC. The first MG car was produced and sold in China in late 2010.

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Have you heard about the rooster and the goose who fell in love?

The goose and the rooster who fell in love. Cartoon by ArtMagenta.
The Rooster and the Goose who fell in love
This is a picture of the goose and rooster who fell in love.

I've never heard of that story.

But there must be one.

Make a bookmark for this illustration and I promise to come back when I've found the story...

The roots of the city Malmö

Gamla Väster, Malmö, sketch by ArtMagenta
Gamla Väster, Malmö
Finger sketching on iPad
MALMÖ. None of the houses are more than 200 hundred years old but the street has been there for 800 years.  The street has seen houses being built, torn down and new houses being built up again. Not to mention all the people who has lived on this street during these times.

That Malmö street has a lot of stories to tell.

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Killing time at the railway station

Train delay by ArtMagenta
Maria and her brother Peter were going to visit their grandparents over the weekend, but the train was very late. Maria had looked forward to the visit and was sad about all the lost time.

But brother Peter had no problem with HIS waiting time:
Pastime at the railway station by ArtMagenta

Gesture DrawingsThese gesture drawings are created on an iPhone. You can see more gesture drawings on the Gesture Drawing blog by ArtMagenta.

No night owl gets the sun going

No night owl gets the sun going. Sketch by ArtMagenta

Street Survey
Are you a night owl or an early riser?

PENELOPE:  I'm an early riser, getting up 5 o'clock in the morning! They say I'm the one that gets the sun going.