The apple never falls far from the tree

Washing like Mom

Cooking like Dad

Cleaning like Mom

Carpenter like Dad

Parents are always examples for their children. Good or bad. Thelma is currently working hard on four projects to live up to that statement.

Being able to talk using your ears is a great gift

Great dane talking with ears is a drawing by Artmagenta
 The Great Dane semaphoring with his ears
Pjotr is a Great Dane. He has a very expressive face and mostly he uses his ears to communicate.

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...and they could all be named Snoopy

Thelma wants pets - by

Street Survey
If you would have a new pet, what would it be and what would you call it?

- I would like to have a rabbit, a pheasant, a squirrel, a horse,a goat and of course a cow.

- And they could all be named Snoopy.

A very daring neckline

A  daring neckline is a sketch by Artmagenta
Veronica in her daring neckline

There was a big party at Greg's. Veronica was there in a brand new, cornflower blue dress.

And that dress had a very daring neckline - on her back.

Did she really know how she looked from the back? I don't think so, and nobody dared to ask her...

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Anna and the monster snake

Anaconda and belly dancer

Anna wanted to be a belly dancer but she had no talent and her teacher who was very tactful said:
- Anna, to be succesful you need a gimmick.

And the teacher offered Anna to buy a snake. An anaconda, the biggest of them all!
So now Anna is making great success when dancing with her monster snake.

Painter on Wacom

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Pandas on parade

Pandas is a drawing by Artmagenta
This is an independant organisation of pandas celebrating the WWF at their headoffice in Switzerland.

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I never bite on my first date

Vanessa the vampire is a sketch by Artmagenta
Vanessa the Vampire on a date
Vanessa was 16 when she was bitten by a vampire. Now 20 years later she still looks like 16 - well at least not more than 20 and she is a vampire herself.

I knew Vanessa before that tragic bite 20 years ago. I met her the other day at the pub, flirting with a friend of mine. She saw my dislike.
Vanessa can rotate her head 320°, not 360° wich is a whole rotation. No reason to be able to return to your original position, but 320° is pretty useful. Now vanessa quickly turned to me with a 320° neck bending and whispered condoning: - I never bite on my first date.

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Hug a balloon until it bursts

Balloons is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta Matilda loves to play with balloons. Hug a balloon, squeeze it and suddenly it bursts  in a frightening explosion.

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A dedicated photographer

The Photographer is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
The enthusiastic photographer
Amanda is a renowned freelance photographer. Her best works are among her portraits and fashion photos. Amanda says that portrait and fashion goes together; the way you dress reveals a part of your personality and it  really is a part of your body language.

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Brown bear Winnie

Cartoon bear by Artmagenta
Old Winnie the Pooh?

- Of course Winnie the Pooh grew old and big and this is him!
- Or not.
- I guess Winnie the Pooh was just a teddy bear.

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