Photographers in action

Photographers in action by ArtMagenta
Photographers in action

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Salvador Dali had an ocelot as pet

Ocelot cat by ArtMagenta
The ocelot is living in Central America and northern and central South America. Limit in the north is Texas and int the south Argentina.

The cat prefer rainforests and mangroves, they dislike open terrain.

Salvador Dali had an ocelot as pet.

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Giraffe is a drawing by illustrator Artmagenta
The giraffe has a 2 meter long neck and can weigh up to 2 tons.

The Romans, who early in the history began to hunt giraffes, called it camelopardalis to its appearance reminiscent of both camel and leopard. The name giraffe comes from the Arabic zarāfa which means "sweet" or "lovable".

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Cars on wheels

Automobile by ArtMagentaThe oldest known use of the wheel is currently considered as the pottery's wheel around 3500 BC in the area around Mesopotamia. Wagon Wheels was also invented independently in China around 2500 BC. Also Incas and other western societies designed mechanisms alike wheels. We have found children's toys containing wheels as constructions, and these dates back to 1500 BC.
T Ford by ArtMagenta

Used in the sense of self-propelled land vehicles, cars has been around since the 1800s, but the car's breakthrough as a social phenomenon first came during the 1900s.

The first cars were too expensive and maintenance intensive for the car to be generally accepted. With the mass production on an assembly line that started in 1913 by the Model T,  the American Henry Ford made the car to everybody's heritage.
Car by ArtMgenta

Funny dogs

Dogs by ArtMagenta
Doodling funny dogs

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Horses by
The horse is a herd animal and in the pack horses usually sleep lying down but at least one of the horses is awake and is responsible for keeping guard.

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Roller skating is fun

Roller skating by

From the 1860s roller skates usually had wheels in pairs next to each other under the sole. The wheel sets were constructed so that they turned when the skate tilted, like with a skateboard.

Braking was done by means of rubber pads in front and /or behind the wheels.

Roller skating by

In the 1980s, roller skates with all wheels in line, so-called inline skates was developed, which made the use nearly replicating the usual ice skating  technology.
Roller skating by

Roller skating by

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