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The horse is a herd animal and in the pack horses usually sleep lying down but at least one of the horses is awake and is responsible for keeping guard.

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Roller skating is fun

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From the 1860s roller skates usually had wheels in pairs next to each other under the sole. The wheel sets were constructed so that they turned when the skate tilted, like with a skateboard.

Braking was done by means of rubber pads in front and /or behind the wheels.

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In the 1980s, roller skates with all wheels in line, so-called inline skates was developed, which made the use nearly replicating the usual ice skating  technology.
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At lunchtime the place was crowded, mostly by women

Crowded place
A crowded lunch restaurant

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Sporting women

Women sport. Illustration by ArtMagenta
Sporting women

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Why do Raccoons symbolise thieves?

Raccoon by ArtMagenta
Raccoons with their black mask often symbolise thieves and robbers. At least in the comics.

That is not fair to such nice animals.

And frankly, this is no good robber disguise. No robber or thief uses such a mask. They use balaclavas or funny masks when they rob banks.

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Sleepwalking in the nude is on the increase

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Greta is a sleepwalker and has been for several years. But a few nights ago, her husband Frank discovered Greta when she walked around naked in the garden.
It seems this is not an unusual behavior...

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