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Beagle [dog animal]

A catnap [usk]

Dog [animals ballpoint]

Dog [animals ballpoint]

[people cat]

Pekingese - lion or dragon?

Pekingese dog  painted by ArtMagenta
Pekingese is a breed of dogs that were produced to mimic the lions and dragons. 

Cat portrait

Being able to talk using your ears is a great gift

Great dane talking with ears is a drawing by Artmagenta
 The Great Dane semaphoring with his ears
Pjotr is a Great Dane. He has a very expressive face and mostly he uses his ears to communicate.

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A birthday pug

Alice the pug

A fun card by Artmagenta.
TAGS: Party Card, Fun Card, Birthday Card, Congrat Card, Greeting Card

Dogs never laugh

Springer Spaniel. Sketch by ArtMagenta
Milton is glad

My name is Milton. I'm a dog. A Springer Spaniel and I am cute!

I like people, but I have got one problem with you people, humans or whatever you call yourself. You are not social!

You show your teeth when you are glad. You are a predator like us dogs and predators show their teeth when they are angry. Showing teeth is a warning.

Come on! Learn to behave like all other predators!

Be happy, but not with your teeth

Bearded Collie

Dog: Bearded Collie by ArtMagenta
Liam, the Bearded Collie

Letter to the editor

I'm Liam and I do not have a beard!
I've got long fur.

Not beard.

And please make no jokes of confusing my head with my ass. It is not funny at all and I try to sit on my ass all the time to avoid those jokes.

Otherwise I have a good life.


Bearded CollieBearded Collies are a herding dogs, the beard has contributed to the breed name Bearded. A common name for Bearded Collie is Beardie.

Salvador Dali had an ocelot as pet

Ocelot cat by ArtMagenta
The ocelot is living in Central America and northern and central South America. Limit in the north is Texas and int the south Argentina.

The cat prefer rainforests and mangroves, they dislike open terrain.

Salvador Dali had an ocelot as pet.

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Funny dogs

Dogs by ArtMagenta
Doodling funny dogs

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I'm dressed up in my new cat fur stole

Cat fur stole is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Aunt Elin always carries her cat as a fur scarf. An alive fur stole.
Some years ago a friend of aunt Elin who is a fur trader, a furrier, promised aunt Elin that when the cat dies he would make it into a real fur stole:
- The cat has such a nice and shiny fur, he said.
Aunt Elin slapped the furrier,  knocked him out and never spoke to him again.

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Happy sleepwalking

Sleepwalking Jack Russel is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta

Herman was a Jack Russel that used to sleepwalk. He was an ill-tempered dog that barked at everything and everybody. Except when he was sleepwalking. Then Herman showed up all his good points and you couldn't hear the slightest whimper as he jumped around in his sleep.

Painter on Wacom

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Aunt Elin's human cat

Aunt Elin's cat is fifteen years old, and that is old for a cat. But it is a fantastic cat. He is called Mister Charlie and truely beleives that he is a human being. Once he saved aunt Elin's parrot which had escaped up in a tree in the garden and was too afraid to get down again. Mister Charlie climbed the tree, took the parrot in his mouth, climbed down the tree and returned the parrot to aunt Elin.

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101 new iPhone sketches

New iPhone sketches can be seen in the iPhone slide show!

The iPhone is a wonderful tool to use for sketches. It is  very handy and is always available, but I find it too tedious to do coloring on the iPhone.

Every day I do some 50 one minute sketches like this cat.  I sort them out and publish them in chunks on this web in a slide show.

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