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Mary in a polka dot bikini

Po├Âla Dot Bikini  is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Polka dot dress
 -This should have been Mary in a polka dot bikini, but Mary is a bit shy. I'm sure though, that she has got the bikini under her polka dot dress.

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Don't tell anyone, but Mickey Mouse is my best friend

Mickey Mouse is a friend of mine  is a sketch by illustrator ArtmagentaBert has a secret. The kind of secret he doesn't want his buddies to know of, not for all the tea in China.

Bert loves to read cartoons with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck...
And that is not OK. At least not for Bert's buddies. You just don't read that kind of stuff after 15, and Bert is 24! Bert has a box with a padlock under his bed where he keeps his secrets.

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I'm dressed up in my new cat fur stole

Cat fur stole is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Aunt Elin always carries her cat as a fur scarf. An alive fur stole.
Some years ago a friend of aunt Elin who is a fur trader, a furrier, promised aunt Elin that when the cat dies he would make it into a real fur stole:
- The cat has such a nice and shiny fur, he said.
Aunt Elin slapped the furrier,  knocked him out and never spoke to him again.

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Sitting on the bench

Sitting on a bench is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Mathilda sitting on a bench
Mathilda likes to sit on public benches. Every time as she sees a bench she sits down and read a book, a paper or just sits.
- You should also try it. Public benches are mostly not comfortable, but they give you a most relaxing time. I think it is a reaction on all our sitting in front of a TV set. On the bench you have real things happening all around you, all the time. You really should try it!

Only football players doesn't, and shouldn't like the bench - for certain other reasons...

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Waiting for a full moon

Full Moon is a sketch by illustrator ArtmagentaFor some people a full moon means the appearance of monsters and werewolves, but for Clara it is the time for romantic meetings. In her own words:
-Let us celebrate the night, nature and ourselves by making love to the man or woman in our lives in a flowering glade in the moonlight, beyond time and space.

Full moon occurs about 12 times a year and pretty soon we have a full moon....

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Playing the flute

Playing the flute is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta
Jenny playing flute
Jenny is very photogenic. She always looks very beatiful on photos  -  as well as in reality. But she has a habit of  always combing her hair away from the face using her hands, and this leaves her mostly on the photos with a gesture as if she was playing the flute - an invisible flute

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Contrasting manager styles

Do you remember seeing this guy? That's a long time ago. He was a typical manager in the days of the dinosaurs. 

He has created protective fences that can hide incompetence.
His power is untouchable. 
(Such managers can still be found in some companies today.)

A modern manager with a transparent competence. Nothing to hide. Ready to leave his position if his competence fails.
No need to hide behind a "power attitude".

What do you think about my teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening by ArtMagenta
Wendy is using  teeth whitening:
- What do you think about my teeth whitening

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Reading gestures in human communication

Gesture drawing from

Hey, keep your hands in control!

This evening it's your turn make the dinner

Gesture drawing from

Gesture drawing from

Follow me home

Gesture drawing from

Let's go out and have a ladies night tonight

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Do not miss the latest hype.

Both at the movies and on TV there's an ongoing hype with 3D images.
Liz is a very trendy girl, always in tune with the latest fashion trends, but this one might be a misstake by her.
Her 3-D glasses are not even from the latest technology.

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The bodyguards?

Sarah and her bodyguards

This is Sarah, she likes shopping and today she spent the whole afternoon at the  mall.
But the guys to the left ...?
Well, just two odd people who by chance happened to get caught up in the same picture as Sarah.

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Getting your feet wet

- I'm looking forward to learning to drive. I can't wait to get behind the steering wheel and get my feet wet.

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Chicken is best supporting actress

Actor with chicken
Mavis and Boris in training

Boris is a good actor, but he has a memory problem which means that he must train a lot more than his colleagues to cope with the dialogues in a play.
None of his colleagues is in the mood to put up all time that Boris requires for his rehearsals.
But Boris has fixed his own solution.
He trains at home with proud chicken Mavis as a counterpart.

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A lap horse instead of a lapdog

Lap horse is a cartoon by Artmagenta
Dagny and her pet horse

Dagny wanted a pet as a gift on her birthday.

But when she as a gift was offered to take over her grandchild's pony horse, everything went totally wrong.

Too small to ride and too big as a lapdog.

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Princess trapped on ice

Skating princess

Belinda has been ice skating since she was 5 yers old. She trains figure skating every day and participates in competitions. She is now 35 but has still not won a single competition!

Belinda is crazy about figure skating and will continue even if she never ever wins a competition.

-When I'm 85 I'll probably still be figure skating and sewing my own figure skating dresses.

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Eat all carrots you can find - and all rabbits will emigrate

Bert hates rabbits. They dig lots of holes in his garden and eat all his vegetables.

Bert doesn't like carrots, but to annoy the rabbits he usually sits in his garden and munch on one carrot after another

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A dead mouse in the pocket

Margret has sorrow, she mourns her dead mouse. Margret had the mouse in her pocket when she went to school and she believes that it froze to death in the bitter cold.

When grief is over she will buy a rat instead, rats are not so fragile...

Sketchbook on iPhone colored in Painter,

The Animal Heads pub

Animal Heads is a sketch by Artmagena
Mary and John at the Animal Heads pub.

Mary and John were in Liverpool and visited Mary's old mother. They found a cozy pub, but with a spooky feature. People in the pub looked like they had animal heads. There was a cat, a dog, a fox, a hippo..
 - Do you think we look that way too? said Mary. Or are they really real...

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Happy sleepwalking

Sleepwalking Jack Russel is a sketch by illustrator Artmagenta

Herman was a Jack Russel that used to sleepwalk. He was an ill-tempered dog that barked at everything and everybody. Except when he was sleepwalking. Then Herman showed up all his good points and you couldn't hear the slightest whimper as he jumped around in his sleep.

Painter on Wacom

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His goose is cooked

Every time Fred went to the pub, his wife said:
- Fred! If you come home too late or if you're drunk, then your goose is cooked!

Somehow this leaked to the guys at the pub and they began to call him "the Cooked Goose" but it didn't sound so good and in a few weeks it ended up as "Fred the Goose Head".

And so it will be for ever...

Painter on Wacom