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Homes in the harbor

Small houses in a small harbor is a sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Homes in the harbor

A summer dream - a summer house

Summer house is a sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
The summer house

The half-timbered house

Half-timbered house is a sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Half-timbered house

The rooks are saying goodnight

Crows facing the wind is a sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Rooks facing the wind
It was a windy evening and the rooks gathering in the birch tree were all facing the wind. Before it is dark there will be almost two hundred rooks siitung in that birch and on the roof.

The house with an extra house

A house sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
The extra house hanging on the main house

Urban watercolour

Urban watercolor sketch by Artmagenta

A urban sketch by Artmagenta.
TAGS: Urban sketch, watercolour, akvarell, aquarelle

On the streets of Helsingborg

Helsingborg, urban sketch by ArtMagenta.
Kärnan, Helsingborg
Kärnan is the only remainder of the Helsingborg's medievalcastle. Built around 1310.

In the foreground you can see a glimpse of one of the the corner towers of Helsingborg's majestic Town Hall, which was built in 1897.

These are som Urban Sketches drawn on an ipad on a late september sunday.

Copenhagen from Nyhavn to the Opera house

Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn in Copenhagen. A sketch drawn on iPad by Artmagenta.
Let's take a walk with my iPad doing some finger sketches in Copenhagen. We start in Nyhavn the beautiful canal / port and end  at the Opera House.

You can see a beautiful view of Nyhavn in a prior blog post.

Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen.  A sketch drawn on iPad by Artmagenta.
First stop after Nyhavn is the square Kongens Nytorv.

The shopping street Stroeget in Copenhagen.  A sketch drawn on iPad by Artmagenta.
From Kongens Nytorv I take the long and very popular shopping street in Copenhagen, Stroeget. It's crowded with people as always.

Nikolaj church in Copenhagen. A sketch drawn on iPad by Artmagenta.
Looking back from the square Amagertorvet I can see this beautiful church, Nikolaj.

Raadhuspladsen in Copenhagen. A sketch drawn on iPad by Artmagenta.
At the end of the shopping street is the central square of Copenhagen, Raadhuspladsen.

Tivoli in Copenhagen. A sketch drawn on iPad by Artmagenta.
And when I've crossed Raadhuspladsen I am at the amusement park, Tivoli.

Vor Frelsers Kirke. A sketch drawn on iPad by Artmagenta.
From Tivoli I cross the canal via the bridge Langebro and here I find one of Copenhagens most famous churches, Vor Frelsers Kirke. You can climb up the church tower and from the top you have a wonderful view over Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Opera Houste. A sketch drawn on iPad by Artmagenta.
And here I arrive at the Opera House,the national opera house of Denmark, and among the most modern opera houses in the world since 2005.
In the city skyline to the right you can see where I started this walk, Nyhavn.

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Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen. Urban sketch by Artmagenta.
Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Crowded crossingpoint makes car drivers goto sleep

Malmö Centralstation
MALMÖ. Sometimes the crossing point is crowded, even when there is a red stop light for the pedestrians.

Poor car drivers!

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The roots of the city Malmö

Gamla Väster, Malmö, sketch by ArtMagenta
Gamla Väster, Malmö
Finger sketching on iPad
MALMÖ. None of the houses are more than 200 hundred years old but the street has been there for 800 years.  The street has seen houses being built, torn down and new houses being built up again. Not to mention all the people who has lived on this street during these times.

That Malmö street has a lot of stories to tell.

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Zapiekanka on plac Nowy

Zapiekanka is a sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Zapiekanka: I’d eat this everyday of my life, damn tasty!

 Zapiekanka is the Polish version of pizza.  It’s a long sliced half of a baked baguette, mushrooms and cheese on top with a very liberal dose of tomato ketchup. This is the traditional version but you can alternate the toppings with your own plus also add a sprinkling of fried onions or chives on top. Delicious.

Plac Nowy is a sketch by Artmagenta
Plac Nowy, Krakow

The best Zapiekanke you get at plac Nowy,  the hub of all the action in Kazimierz. On a summer evening it’s a great setting for a delicious snack!

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I think there's a jackdaw convention at the Castle Coffee house

The sightseeing boat passes the coffee house
The Castle Windmill, Malmö

The Coffee Garden in the Castle Park is an excellent place for recreation with coffee and sandwiches and why not have lunch. The food is excellent and the place is beautiful, especially in summer.
You can eat in the greenhouse too

Beware of the jackdaws. There are plenty of them and they are professional food thieves. Turn away from your table a few secs and your food will be gone!

It's fun to sit and watch those birds, at least as long as it is not my food they are eating. They are intelligent and know exactly when to strike.

An excellent opportunity to draw birds in motion. They are masters at flying in small spaces.
The jackdaws are professional food thieves here in Malmö

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The Crazy Russian

The crazy Eussian is  ssketch by illustrator Artmagenta
This is Pjotr. He is also known as the Crazy Russian. I don't know why we call him that so let's hear what he has to say about it himself:
- I'm not from russia and my name is not even Pjotr, and me being crazy.... well I don't know if that's true either.
Look at this wrist watch. We say the hands of the clock move clockwise, so if I put the wrist watch on my right arm, then the clock is upside down, but is it still moving clockwise?
I know the answer. If you need to think  more than 2 secs on this, it's probably you who are the crazy one. 
Well, that is Pjotr, crazy as always.

Painter on Wacom

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Turning Torso, a twisted building

Turning Torso is a sketch by urban sketcher Artmagenta
Turning Torso in Malmö
Turning Torso is the tallest skyscraper in Sweden and the Nordic countries, situated in Malmö, Sweden, located on the Swedish side of the Öresund strait. Upon completion, it was the tallest building in Scandinavia.
The building was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and officially opened on 27 August 2005.
The tower reaches a height of 190 metres (623 feet) with 54 stories.
The building is constructed in nine segments of five-story pentagons that twist as it rises; the topmost segment is twisted ninety degrees clockwise with respect to the ground floor. Each floor consists of an irregular pentagonal shape rotating around the vertical core, which is supported by an exterior steel framework.

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Western Harbour of Malmö

Western Harbour of Malmö is a sketch by urban sketcher Artmagetna
Västra hamnen (or Western Harbour in English) is a neighbourhood of Malmö , situated in the Borough of Malmö.

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Copenhagen Opera

Copenhagen Opera is an urban sketch by Artmagenta
Copenhagen Opera house

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Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn in Copenhagen is an urban sketch by Artmagenta
Nyhavn in Copenhagen

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